How Bradbury Outreach Services Were able To Hire More Staff & Expand Their Business.



How Bradbury Outreach Services Were able To Hire More Staff & Expand Their Business.

Domiciliary Care provider hires more staff, enabling them to meet the growing demand and expand into new areas.

Currently, there are nearly two million people who request adult social care for mental and physical disabilities yet, according to the nonprofit ‘Mind for Better Mental Health’, only about one in eight adults with a mental health issue receives assistance. 

What’s more, the number of working-age people reporting disabilities has grown considerably, up 15 percent from 2010 to 2016.

Despite the increasing demand for adult care services, the sector is stretched thin with too few qualified staff available to provide services, severely limiting not only how many people receive support but also the quality of support delivered. 

According to a report published by UK Parliament, approximately nine percent of care worker roles go unfilled. At the same time, the report projects a massive increase in demand for adult social care within the next 15 years.

And, with an approximate turnover rate of over 30 percent, care providers have an extremely difficult time not just finding, but actually holding onto they qualified staff they have, posing significant compliance hurdles and severely limiting business growth.

That’s the exactly the situation that Bradbury Outreach Services recently found itself in.

In this case study, we spoke to Joe Gates, Finance Manager at Bradbury Outreach, about how Recruitomate helped them hire more staff to meet the growing demand and enable their business growth.


Bradbury Outreach offers a full and comprehensive domiciliary care and outreach service for individuals with learning and physical disabilities, mental health needs, and people who are unwell or recently discharged from hospital and are having difficulty living independently at home. They offer both in-home care to people in private residences, group homes, supported living communities, and more.

Some patients require a significant amount of help, as much as 13 or 14 hours per day, seven days a week, while others only require a few hours each week.


Because Bradbury Outreach’s clients present a diverse set of needs, ensuring they have the right people for the right jobs is critical to meeting those needs and meeting the growing demand. Finding the right people, though, is particularly challenging. 

Simply put: Without having enough qualified staff, they can neither grow their business nor fulfil their mission of providing the best quality care.

Bradbury Outreach faced a number of roadblocks to hiring permanent staff. Using ‘Indeed’, one of the most popular recruiting platforms globally, Bradbury Outreach found that their job postings would quickly end up buried under an avalanche of other postings, even while paying £2,000 to £2,500 a month for listings.

And, while they’d receive a large number of applications, too frequently the applicants were not interested in the positions being offered.  As Joe says “We just weren’t getting the number of applicants and it felt like we were just sort of filling job seeker paperwork… people were just applying for the job and they didn’t turn up for interviews. We’d have multiple days that you’d book out a whole day for interviews and have nobody turn up…It wasn’t very good.”

After trying a number of other channels, including local newspapers, other global job listing sites, and more, Bradbury Outreach was running out of options. The entire recruitment process had become extremely laborious, time consuming, and wasn’t yielding good results.

Without a consistent flow of new candidates, Bradbury struggled to hire the staff they needed to meet the demand for adult domiciliary care. As Joe says “recruitment’s a numbers game. If you know that you’re going to hire one person out of, say, 50 interviews, if you need to hire five people you’ve got do 250 interviews.”

That’s when they turned to Recruitomate to help them generate a higher volume of qualified candidates—and ultimately build their team.


Recruitomate worked with Bradbury Outreach to implement an automated candidate acquisition pipeline, fully customised for their needs in under 10 days, that generated a continuous stream of candidate applications and automated much of the hiring admin. 

The main feature that attracted Bradbury Outreach to Recruitomate was the direct social media approach.  Unlike job boards, where job ads quickly get lost in the mix, Recruitomate finds and engages with candidates directly on their Facebook timeline. 

Additionally, because they were spending so much time on hiring admin, they saw Recruitomate’s automation as a way to streamline the entire recruitment process.  As Joe says “The automated side of Recruitomate means that you don’t have to worry about the first initial contact. The [Recruitomate] back-end tracks all your conversations, gives you all their details, and generates an application and sends it to you.”

Bradbury Outreach were also attracted to Recruitomate’s automated candidate follow-up. Whereas they would normally spend a significant amount of time chasing and following-up with candidates, Recruitomate automated all these processes – without any additional human interaction. 

In fact, once they started using Recruitomate, the only time Bradbury Outreach needed to interact with candidates was during the interview.



With a more targeted approach, Bradbury Outreach was able to significantly increase the number and quality of candidate applications and hire they staff they needed. 

Additionally, Recruitomate streamlined their entire recruitment process, so they’re not now spending time booking interviews, completing application paperwork, chasing up candidates, and a variety of other day-to-day recruiting tasks. 

In fact, Recruitomate managed their entire recruiting process from start to interview, without Bradbury having to do anything more than look on their calendar to see when interviews are taking place.

As Joe says: “I didn’t realise how useful it would be to not have to interact with every single applicant. I also didn’t realise how thorough the automated bot would be. We’ve been able to hire a lot of really high-quality candidates in quite a short period of time. Recruitomate is tailored to everything that we’ve asked for.”

Instead, they’ve been able to focus their time and energy on their primary goal: delivering exceptional quality care and support for their clients and growing their business.

Which is exactly what they’re doing. Bradbury Outreach is now able to expand into new areas as they’re able to staff up quickly.  As Joe says “We’re doing all of this and offering our services out to people on the basis that will be able to recruit through you guys. I’m really, really impressed with the service that you are providing. We’re currently looking really at expanding into a new area entirely off the back of the success that we’ve had.  We can be quite confident that we can recruit for completely new area and build a team in an area that we don’t have any staff.”


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